Monday, 1 June 2009

Breakfast Club Hoxton Square

I've been wanting to go to Breakfast Club for a while. I walk past the Angel branch down Camden Passage on the way to work every morning. A few weeks ago a new branch opened on Hoxton Square so I went to it.

I've been wanting a proper American breakfast consisting of decent bacon and pancakes all smothered in maple syrup for a while. I've tried The Diner which has good milkshakes but measly definitely not American style food portion sizes. They also don't do the bacon, pancake and maple syrup combo as a dish on the menu. Ok you can choose the separates to make it up your self but I wanted to go to a place that said it was normal to do this by putting it on the menu.

Alright the decor inside is trying a bit too hard with it's nostalgafantasticness but it does feel comfortable. If you ever go use the toilets as they have a glitter ball disco room in the bit outside where you wait for a free cubical. I did find the hammering output of obvious 80's hits piped through the sound system of the entire place annoying though. Those rhythms do not aid digestion.

I ordered the American breakfast which filled all the criteria of my cravings. It had bacon, pancakes, was served with maple syrup and also had sausage, eggs and hash browns.

There were some disappointments. The sausage was just odd. I don't know if it was supposed to be American or what but it had the wrong herbs inside and the texture of the meat was powdery. It was the first sausage in many years that I have attempted to eat and not finished.

The eggs which I decided to have poached were overdone. I was expecting the yolk to be runny so that I could burst the whites and spread over the breakfast but it was solid.

The hash browns were not like normal hash browns but like bubble and squeak without the cabbage. This style would have been fine if they actually tasted of anything. They weren't even greasy they were waterlogged and soggy.

The Maple syrup also wasn't real maple syrup but a maple syrup flavoured glucose syrup.

The good points include the bacon which was perfect. Exactly what I was dreaming about. Red and crispy but still juicy to the core. The pancakes were also brilliantly done. I should have opted for the simpler breakfast of bacon and pancakes and maybe I could have put up with the lacklustre maple syrup.

Although the meal was not perfect I will return to The Breakfast Club again maybe. The food my friends had seemed to be very good and I've heard the burgers are very well done. It's a far better choice than The Diner on Curtain Road or All Star Lanes on Brick Lane which I've been to recently and didn't feel the need to write about.

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