Friday, 26 June 2009

Eggy Crumpets

I love eggy bread, it was a weekend treat that my Dad used to cook some Saturday mornings.
When I was little I loved it with golden syrup, these days it is all about the ketchup.

I was watching the Jamie Oliver at Home episode all about eggs and he made this fantastic version using crumpets.
Such a simple brilliant idea I'm amazed I haven't heard of it before, the crumpets suck up the egg even better than a slice of white.

(This isn't my photo, I found it here. When I make it it's always been gobbled before I even think of taking pictures!)

It's a doddle to make, for four crumpets you need two eggs, whisk them in a bowl, add salt and pepper and a splash of milk and put the crumpets in the eggy mixture and watch it get sucked up in to all those lovely holes.

Fry in butter.

Serve with ketchup or with bacon and maple syrup if you are throwing the boat out!

Last night for a quick supper I also added a splash of Encona chili sauce to the eggs. Encona and Eggs, it's a classic combination!

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