Sunday, 24 April 2011

The New York Eating Holiday Has Begun

I'm In New York at the moment on my biannual eating holiday. New York does two things very well and that's food and drink. I'm staying in Williamsburg Brooklyn as it's a bit more laid back than Manhattan. I suppose it's the NYC version of Shoreditch/Brick Lane but with much better restaurants and bars.

One small thing which I absolutely love about New York restaurants which I think all restaurants the world over should do is provide complimentary water by default. After the waiter seats you and before you get the menu your given a glass (or an old jar is some cases) of water and normally an old wine bottle full of tap water to top up when needed. So no unnecessary ordering of soft drinks it's so very civilized.

Here's a jar of my complimentary water I had next to a jar of beer. I quite like this usage of old jars and bottles.

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