Sunday, 10 April 2011

Shooters Sandwich

Fran made this great sandwich during the week and I had to put it up on here to repay the effort.

The Shooter's Sandwich was made by cooking up a decent steak, some bacon and some mushroom. A crusty loaf of bread was hollowed out and the ingredients stuffed inside while still hot. The bread was then capped and wrapped in grease proof paper and then foil. A very heavy weight was put on top of the sandwich and left overnight.

The next day the compacted sandwich was unwrapped, sliced and served with some great piccalilli from the Albion.

All the parts and flavours were squashed together to perfection. It was very pretty and tasty. The closest a savory meat sandwich has got to a slice of elegant cake. A good replacement for the pastries you get at high tea.

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