Thursday, 23 July 2009

Hajja's Helwas

I've developed a Moroccan sweet tooth - sweet shai bina'ana kul yom (mint tea every day)!  often with pastries (helwa) on the side.  

I came home the other day planning to take a break from sugar when Hajja (the matriarch) presented us with these:

The round things are glazed lemony, scone-like treats.  They're quite dry but surprisingly moreish and excellent washed down with lots of sweet tea.  The triangles are like sweet samosas filled with sweet rice pudding-y stuff, deep-fried then covered in sugar and cinnamon.  They're served with even more icing sugar to dip them into.  Exactly as you'd imagine - very good.  Although I can feel my teeth/arteries pleading with me to give them a day off.  

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