Thursday, 2 July 2009

Tomato and Chorizo Salad

Lewis called this a man salad, it certainly has lots of bold flavours going on.

Finely chop half a red onion, half a green chilli and a handful of flat leaf parsley.

Grab a packet of cherry tomatoes and half each of them and put this, the onions, chilli and parsley in a salad bowl.

Slice a chorizo into chunks a little smaller than the halved tomatoes and fry until they have released some of their orange fat, add the chorizo and the fat into the salad bowl, the fat makes up part of the dressing, add a splash of red wine vinegar, season with salt and pepper and give the lot a stir.

This goes best with lots of crusty bread, I reckon it would be great as a kind of rough relish in a burger too!

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