Monday, 20 July 2009

Thailand: The Amazing Mocha Shake

They have a funny habit in the restaurants in Thailand of turning everything into a milkshake.I think they're convinced westerners can't resist them. You can get all kinds of UK , US and Australian chocolate bars made into shakes. The Snickers shake for example sounds good but it's full of peanut grit and tastes sickly sweet and rough.

They also call what we call smoothies shakes. They have no milk in them and are blended fruits. Some of these are very good as the fruit is always going to be fresh. I drank a few of these but then was introduced to the most amazing and beautiful of shakes; the mocha shake.

Now the mocha shake doesn't actually contain any real coffee. It's not an iced mocha like one of those things that Starbucks sell in the summer. I think it's a mixture of instant coffee, chocolate milkshake syrup or powder and a load of ice and cream. I may be wrong but I don't really want to know the ingredients as mysteries can enhance some things.

The best one I had was in a restaurant called Bamboo on Haad Yuan.

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  1. they are right, we can't resist shakes. i've been drinking a lot of shakes in fes. my favourites are date, almond and date, almond and chocolate and avocado. i need to write a post about the avocado shake - they drink a lot of avocado here and it's oddly nice. exactly as you'd imagine but not like you'd imagine at the same time if that makes sense. probably not.