Saturday, 16 May 2009

Cheese Round Wedding Cake

I was invited to my friends Garry and Nicola's wedding reception last weekend. They said they didn't like normal fruit cake which wedding cake is normally made of so went for something else, a cake made from rounds of cheese.

I've got no pictures of the rounds assembled into the wedding cake as I missed the unveiling I must have been distracted by the free bar or something.

The cheeses included a stilton, a smoked cheddar, a mature cheddar, two small rounds of goats cheese, a soft cheese which was like a posh port salut and a large round of hardish cheese which I couldn't work out what it was. It's on the left side of this picture next to the bride and groom figurines.

My favourite was the goats cheese rounds. They were covered in a thick crust of blue mouldy rind but were silky and delicious underneath that.

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