Monday, 4 May 2009

Fran's Vegetable Kebabs and Barbecued Asparagus

Fran's contribution to the barbecues we've been having recently was to pander to the vegetarians.

Vegetable kebabs - we've all seen them before but these ones were different. Normally I find grilled vegetables a bit tasteless and therefore pointless. Roasting to me has always been a better way to get the best out of them. This time however the vegetable kebabs turned out pretty special.

Fran chose her vegetables well pepper, mushrooms, aubergine, tomatoes and courgette. These are all good kebabing ingredients used often by the top kebabing nations. They provided a good solid base but the thing which really elevated them above normal vegetable kebabs was the delicious honey and mustard sauce that was basted on the the kebabs before and during cooking.

The basting sauce was made by mixing olive oil with honey and whole grain mustard. It added a nice sweet and warm coating that because of the sugar also encased the vegetables in a sticky caramelish covering sealing in some of the flavoursome juices.

We also basted the mixture onto some asparagus as we grilled them also on the barbecue. They were fucking decent. Barbecue is a good way to cook asparagus, makes them look really good and photogenic as well.

And remember if you want to pander to the vegetarians properly cook their food on the barbecue first when the grill is clear of charred flesh and the smoke untainted by delicious meat juices.

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