Sunday, 3 May 2009

Lamb and Beef Kebabs for the Barbecue

I got a pack of lamb mince and a pack of beef mince and decided to make some kebabs with them which would be fit for grilling on the barbecue.

With the lamb mince I mixed some finely diced onion, oregano, dried mint and chilli flakes. I was going for a Turkish kofte style with this one.

The beef mince had some different flavouring than the lamb. It had onion, a load of cumin and paprika and a very healthy dose of Encona sauce added to it. I don't know what style I was going for with this one but I think I was inspired by the flavour of extra hot Pepperamis.

Both meats were then kneaded together with their respective ingredients until they appeared to be thoroughly blended. The meat was then put onto wooden skewers. The slightly red ones are the beef kebabs and the paler kebabs are the lamb ones.

The kebabs were then put on the barbecue to grill. You can have the barbecue nice and hot while you do these as a bit of meat charring only adds to the flavour just remember to turn them occasionally. You'll want to cook them so there nice and flamed on the out side but still giving and moist on the inside.

Both types of kebabs turned out good cooking wise. I thought I put a lot of spice in both but after tasting them I think I could of got away with bit more. The beef was moderately spicy hot but I think they could have been a bit more extreme. The lamb kebabs were very fragrant and nice but again a little more chilli would have sorted them out a treat but still they went very well with a yogurt dressing in a flat bread.

One thing I will say though is I should have soaked the wooden skewers in water before using as a few of them caught fire while cooking. Even better though would be a set of metal skewers.

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