Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Easy Jerk Prawns

Longdan opened a store opposite my house towards the end of last summer, they sell all sorts of Asian produce at bargain prices.

On the way to the BBQ this Saturday I dropped in and found them selling frozen raw shell-on freshwater king prawns at £5 a bag - bargain!

Once they were defrosted I added a good three table spoons of Walkerswood Jerk seasoning paste - none of that 'Reggae Reggae Sauce' nonsense here. This is proper stuff and is potent with the smell of scotch bonnet chilli's, onion, nutmeg and allspice.

This was left to marinade for as long as possible, the prawns were then put on the BBQ until they turned pink and the shells charred a bit here and there.

They were seriously hot and initially I was worried that I had added too much of the paste. However they were also seriously delicious, aside from the heat the paste had given them a delicious tangy flavour and the prawnyness was still there underneath all this.

After the fourth or fifth I realised that as well as being tasty they were also very addictive. The heat had given way to a sort of light headed giddiness as the endorphins kicked in. I've enjoyed chilli's all my life and despite reading about it I've never had such a druggy experience from them as I did last Saturday!

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