Sunday, 1 March 2009

Choco Leibniz

It's a biscuit that has been part of my life for a long time but only in the last year have I been buying them or been getting them bought for me on a regular basis.

I remember first seeing them in west London corner shops when I used to work in Notting Hill a few years ago. That's where I first bought and ate them. West London corner shops try to cater to a posher client and tend to sell imported snack foods you just can't get anywhere else. Now however packs of Choco Leibniz biscuits have become a regular buy one get one free in most supermarkets. My local Co-op in Stepney Green has had them on offer on and off every few weeks for the last two years.

I've done some research and the German biscuits are made by using a mould where the chocolate is poured in and then the biscuit part is laid on top of it before the chocolate has set. The effect is that the biscuit is the back plate to a rather well detailed chocolate relief. One of the only bits of English on the cover of the box states 'more chocolate than a biscuit' and this is absolutely true. It's kind of like a posh Jacobs Club with high quality chocolate and a nice crunchy biscuit the flavour of which reminds me of the biscuit sticks in a KP Chocolate dip.

Choco Leibniz come with the chocolate part in a few different flavours: milk chocolate, plain chocolate and orange milk chocolate. I also believe an orange plain chocolate is available but I've never seen it. One thing you will discover when you want to buy them is that they only seem to be on sale when they are on offer and they only ever have one flavour in stock when they are being sold. Maybe one on reasons why I like them so much is that you cannot plan their availability in the shops and your never certain of the flavour that will be in. It's a sales method that worked pretty well as I buy them every time I see them on the promo end.

Getting back to the taste they are a very good biscuit that is definitely a cut above any of you childhood favourite chocolate biscuits. The chocolate and the biscuit are of a high quality that European snack foods just seem to have. It's almost as if they design junk food biscuits to be a plausible alternative to a posh dessert. My favourite flavour is the milk chocolate topped variety as it lets the lovely taste of the biscuit come through the best and it's the most ongoingly eatable meaning that when you've bought two boxes of Choco Leibniz on a BOGOF offer you can actually sit down and scoff them all yourself without your stomach feeling too dark afterwards. If you've got to share go for the plain chocolate ones as the richness means you'll want to stop eating them quicker therefore less jealousy incurs.

They are also one of the only junk foods I can buy and bring into the house without my girlfriend looking at me like I'm a delinquent child.

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  1. ah choco leibniz... i find that the dark chocolate variety are perfect when looking for something to accompany an afternoon coffee. most other biscuits are after all more suited to tea.