Monday, 30 March 2009

Cosy Cafe in Leysdown on The Isle of Sheppey

I was visiting my family last weekend who have moved recently to the Isle of Sheppey. Not a pretty island its main industries are prisons and trailer parks. Fortunately my parents do live in a house.

There's a small seasidy strech of road near one of the pebbly coasts on the Island named Leysdown. Leysdown is commonly known as the worst seaside town in Britain and it's there I had the good fortune of having my breakfast on Sunday morning in the Cozy Cafe.

The interior resembled your standard British greasy spoon cafe with one notable difference it was a lot cleaner. There's no priceier alternative in Leysdown and as a result the Cafe functions as it should do as a place to eat. It's not a budget consolation prize when you can't afford a decent cafe like a greasy spoons in London can feel like so as well as the cleanliness the food is cooked with a bit more thought and a lot less grease.

I had egg, sausage chips and beans. The chips were slighty undercooked which is a shame because if they were cooked for just a minute more they would have been perfect. The beans were standard sub Heinz and the sausage was one of those nasty things you get in these sort of cafs. The egg tasted extremly fresh and was well cooked. I did notice a box of fresh eggs next to the counter that had been delivered recently from a local farm.

My Brother had ham, egg and chips and it was a nice bit of tender gamon which was cooked well.

The ketchup was watered down with vinegar though.

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