Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Occasional Butternut Squash and Red Onion Pie

I'm crap at making pastry. I've got abnormally warm hands that melt the butter as I rub it into the flour which is exactly what Delia says you should avoid. My pastry makes the pie look like a bucket full of dried cement.

This is the pie I make occasionally and I made it up the entire idea of it.

Things may change but I always roast butternut squash, soften a good amount of red onions then combine them in a pie dish with a few tomatoes and a medium size goats cheese round cut into small pieces then it's all covered with a thick layer of shortcrust pastry.

In this pie I've made my own pastry and not bought any ready made stuff. I used wholemeal flour as I prefer the flavour and mine has a lot more butter than shop bought stuff. I also roasted some large tomatoes and a large courgette with the butternut squash. I have before just chucked a pack of cherry tomatoes into the mixture in the pie dish before roofing with the pastry.

A sprig of rosemary with the roasting contents adds some herbyness to the flavour.

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