Monday, 2 March 2009

Is there any food Dominc does not enjoy? #1 in an occasional series. Brussels Sprouts

Is there any food that I don't enjoy on some level? The odds look slim. This occasional series will document my search for foods that I don't like. I reckon the resulting list will be a short one.

I thought I didn't like Brussels sprouts.

It's not very often that they appear on my dinner plate. Christmas time was the only time at my parents table and as I child I remember thinking they were far to bitter so I would leave them till last then gulp one down to placate my Dad.

I ate them again last Friday (see my earlier post about the Hoxton Apprentice) they were very nice, like mini cabbages.

I do like Brussels Sprouts then.


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  1. Most kids don't like them because they smell like toilets and they think they will taste of farts