Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Double Drop

A quick post, I have been slack recently through a combination of laziness and work.

Ale seems to have been my alcoholic drink of choice recently.
I have been a bitter drinker since I started drinking really, back then it was due to cheapness, Younger's Scotch bitter was 89p a pint in my local.
These days if I want a good pint of beer I am always going to go for an ale over lager, much more satisfying. There are just more flavours to get your teeth into and so many different types that you can always find a drink to match your mood.

It was no different when we dropped in to an offie on the way to a BBQ on the Saturday of the Easter weekend and found this amusing bottle on sale. They should replace the current graphics with a big smiley and market this in the clubs and raves :-P

As I recall it was a nice light ale in the IPA style, a good quaffing beer as my Dad would say.

It is also worth noting the bottle in the background, Pitfield brewery 1792 Imperial Stout. Never drink it, at 9.5% it tastes like carnival favourite Dragon Stout with all the fun removed, extra headache added and left to go flat for 24 hours.

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