Thursday, 16 April 2009

Quiche it's not that hard

Quiche, the questions the odd word brings with it, such as how can I make one?

I can't, you think, I'll just buy a boring factory quiche from the bit next to the pork pies in the supermarket.

It's actually really easy to make a quiche. Essentially it's an omelet in a pastry base.

When I made this one I made some shortcrust pasty with self raising flour which made it a bit lighter than usual. You can buy your own pastry, and I normally do, but I couldn't find any on the way home.

I stuck the pastry in a ceramic quiche tray thing I found in the cupboard. You have to blind bake the pastry bit which means cook it with no filling, just on it's own for about fifteen minutes so it's par cooked. Five minutes before the blind baking was done I brushed some beaten egg on it ( that's a Delia tip there). That was the only effort in making a quiche.

While I was mucking around with pastry I was slowing sweating off some chopped courgettes and onions with butter in a pan. That would become the filling which you can change as you wish, just remember it's an eggy omlettey tasting thing and fillings should therefore stay within those flavour guide lines.

For the eggy stuff I beat three eggs with a decent amount of single cream and milk. You do want to make it a bit more creamy and or milky than you would an omelet mixture. I grated a little bit of cheddar over the filling and then poured in the egg and cream mixture until it covered everything. Here's another Delia tip; Don't pour all of the egg mixture in at once, pour half in and then move the quiche to the oven shelf and then pour the other half in. This way you wont spill any of it. Actually I poured it all in at once before I put the quiche in the oven and didn't spill anything but I'm bad ass.

It takes 30-40 minutes to cook at 180.


  1. That looks really bloody nice.

    I must say, I'm impressed with the variety of vegetarian fare you manage to concoct. Are you ever tempted to sneak a bit of ham or bacon into your recipes in the hope that Mathilde won't notice?

  2. Thanks

    I'm not tempted to sneak solid bits of meat but I'm always tempted to try some chicken stock in risottos.