Friday, 10 April 2009

Double Yolk Eggs

A new Waitrose has opened near where I work in Angel and I was hoping to do a post on the large goose eggs that they sell. However when I went in there last night they had sold out. I got a pack of double yolkers instead.

I've not seen these eggs since I was a teenager working part time in a Sainsburys in the late nineties. I thought they done away with foods that were a bit Dr Moreau in the early 2000's anti GM scaremonger period but it seems that Waitrose can get away with selling these mutant eggs as they've got the good reputation and they're free range. I don't really think they're mutant as they shine a light through eggs when checking for chicken foetuses and I'm sure they can also spot a double yolker and put it aside for these packs.

I've cracked four open already and what I've discovered is that you either have an egg that has two smallish yolks that together make up the same amount of yolk as a single egg or if your lucky you'll have a cholesterol boosting egg that actually has two full size yolks and less of the boring white.

I fried these so you can see the double yolks.


  1. i wonder how much the double yolks cost.

  2. They cost about £3.00 a packet