Sunday, 26 April 2009

Jamie Oliver's Posh Bread Spread

What's a posh bread spread then?

Well according to Jamie Oliver it's a shit version of a tapenade.

It was the sun dried tomato and black olive type that I tried. It ruined some very good bread. There was too much sun dried tomato and not enough black olive. It was also missing anchovy that a proper tapenade should have but seeing as it was a posh bread spread and not a real tapenade Jamie sidesteps that omission with a technicality.

I wonder who this product is aimed at. The mythical underclass which Jamie patronises for the entertainment of food snobs in his television campaigns? He probably thinks their too blinkered to eat anchovies so that's why it's a posh bread spread and not a tapenade.

Anyway back to the taste. It tastes far too much of sun dried tomatoes. It's almost like a paste of sour Haribo sweets.

We stopped eating the spread and just ate the good bread with balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

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