Wednesday, 29 April 2009

SFC Crispy Dippers

I haven't been to a chicken shop for quite a while. I was partial to a bit of KFC every now and again in my youth and I would also try out some of the more ropey spin offs when the smell tempted me. It was probably a good thing I grew out of eating dodgy chicken shop chicken but I still hanker after it. There is some thing delicious about the crispy spiced batter and the tenderness of the chicken inside when the chicken shop gets it right.

I found these SFC Crispy Dippers in the frozen section of Sainsburys. I though it was a brilliant idea, selling frozen dodgy chicken shop chicken in the supermarket, genius.

I opened the box and the first disappointment was that there was no sauce pot like the one photographed on the box. Secondly the chicken looked like it was coated with dead grey sand. The box said cook at 180 for 8-10 mins and at this point I still had some hope of it coming out looking all crispy and chicken shop like as it is pictured on the box.

8-10 minutes in the oven and there was no change to the batter so I left it for 10 minutes more. Still no change after 20 minutes so I left it for another 15 minutes and got fed up of waiting and took the chicken out to eat.

If you look at the photo I've taken you can see that there is a hit of golden goodness on the very edges of only one dipper. That's the only bit that was crispy the rest of the dippers were still grey and Plasticine like. The meat inside the dipper smelt of dogs breath. It wasn't proper breast fillet either. It was a dark stomach inducing reconstituted rubbery chicken foam and to think I had such high hopes for this snack.

What even more scary is that when purchasing I almost bought the larger Family Feast box. It's £4.99 and you get as much chicken as in a KFC feast. I avoided the dark stomach on the small box by sharing the few dippers with Dom. Just imagine the dark stomach I would have if I ate a whole family feast.


  1. unlucky fried pidgeon ( (c) axel libido)

  2. People use to say that in Kent when i was 10